Frontier Page

Welcome to Digital Bed… The home of beautiful dreams.

Due to exciting misfortune  I’ve had to start up this solo venture and now mostly reside in cyberspace and untamed jungles.

My office hours should there be work is from Friday to Monday and I can be contacted via email: andrebarendse[at] My contact number in reverse is 1840 497 270

Digital Bed offers the following services:

Cutting edge bare bone WordPress sites such as the fine one you are currently visiting…  It gets slightly better than this, promise. Should you need something a bit more Corporate New York… I have those skills too.

I also do C++/ MySQL Customized to your STYLE software solutions. If you run in to a problem that you can’t fix, or you have a need that no-one understands… You should consider custom software… The game to riches is cheating and the legal way of doing this is to do something cheaper faster and easier than competitors with new innovation …  You might need to go hide out in jungles.  in the software world customization and clever thinking is the bridge that gets you there.

Finest beginner farmer in the area. Almond Nut production has grown 1000% (from 1 to 10 in year 1); Beetroot production has shown some negative growth and porcupine, puff adder, and rodent production sky-rocketed. We can supply you with free-range eggs, compost etc.  We can also hook you up with some black wattle firewood.  Best you phone for a quote as I have no idea how far I’d need to drive to deliver. I’ll be starting some lemon trees soon so watch this space. If anybody has 50-100 mm bamboo… we can  swop.

I’m a keen student of behavioral psychology, this is useful in marketing, lie-detection and other forms of research

Should you need some tips on whistle-blower legislation and survival tactics, I’m sure I can be an experienced guide there too.

Thanks for visiting and return soon for updates on organic produce… and other adventures. Should you be the insane camping type who likes your woman unshaven and your fynbos rough i’m sure we can supply the wildlife, fynbos and quiet… and if the interest is there, then maybe an ablution block or two…