André Barendse is logical creature who gets most of his tan from the radiation his computer screen emits. He is a compulsive thinker and is fond of the siesta.

He is a systems engineer, software engineer, deep thinking philosopher and likes to ponder how things can be improved. His daytime habits include the support and maintenance of computer systems. In his spare time he is lost in thought,  lost on the web, making some point, or helping others interpret their dreams. Even in his dreams he is busy analyzing… well… dreams.

One of his hobbies include the setting up and maintaining of content management websites, such as the fine page you are viewing.

His distilled thoughts on webpages are:

  • Cost effectiveness in startup and maintenance
  • Quality footage (emotionally arresting)
  •  Search engine Optimization(The point of a website is for it to be found)
  • Simplicity(to either hand over to customer or hand over to the expert)

Built on the universally renowned and loved WordPress platform, we give you a system you can manage yourself, scale to the next and higher level,  and leave your customers wanting more.